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     Winner - Sydney Design Awards - Best Startup - Design100



     Winner - Sydney Design Awards - Product Design (Personal Use) - Design100



     Silver Winner - Melbourne Design Awards - Product Design (Personal Use) - Design100



     Workshopped14 Exhibitor (Sydney Design 2014) - Workshopped




     The Big Design Markets (Melbourne) - TBDM 


     The Melbourne Design Market - TMDM



     Life Instyle (Sydney) - Life Instyle 




     The Finders Keepers (Sydney) - Finders Keepers



     Houzz - houzz



     Featured Product - Hey Gents



Mesh Card


Uncrate - "made for function, as well as form…a versatile little addition to your pocket"


Cool Material "just 1.5mm thick, weighs just 12 grams and... actually has some ingenuity behind it"


Desire This - "about time someone created a light weight user friendly multi-tool"


Cult of Mac - "the Mesh Card is a wallet so small and slim that it’ll fit inside a single card pocket in your own fat wallet"


A Gentleman's Word - "save your pocket from ‘fat wallet syndrome’"


Direkt Concept - "helps you simplify your everyday life with its many uses"


LoveThat Mag - "the modern day Swiss army knife multi-tool"


Geeky Gadgets - "designed to provide you with a number of useful gadgets via a small form factor"


Man of Many - "one of the most versatile gadgets ever made"


GearCulture - "the ingenious Silo Mesh Card not only sports a removable silicon band to keep your cards and cash safe, but doubles, triples, even, as a bottle opener and smartphone stand" 


GQ - Silo's "adding a lot of ingenuity" to the traditional wallet


Smith Journal - "an ideal wallet"


StupidDope - "this brilliant creation allows for easy carrying of cards and cash" 


Core77 - "I just gave the Silo Mesh Card wallet a gander and am impressed"


Gizmodo - "that's what makes the Mesh Card so appealing"


Smoksho - "ditch that bulky piece of cowhide in your pocket and replace it with the Silo Mesh Card" 


Smow - "my favourite product was the Swiss Army Knife / come wallet, the Mesh Card by Silo" 


Bless This Stuff - "the world's thinnest, lightest and strongest wallet (with a few handy extras)"


HeyGents - "Mesh Card is built to last, crafted from titanium and scratch resistant TiCN coating"


The Awesomer




TNW - "It always seems like you're losing your wallet or keys, right? Technology finally has a solution for that"


iMore - "A worthy little gadget"


Reuters - "If someone loses the smartphone, shaking the Chipolo tag can help them find it by making the phone ring, even if it is in silent mode"


Today - "You can attach it to anything"


Techcrunch - "A simple to use bluetooth based item finder for iPhone and Android"


DailyMail - "The Chipolo smart tag can be attached to keys or other items and connected to a smartphone so, if mislaid, they can be found at a push of a button"




Wired - "An ingenious projector that transforms kitchen tables into tvs"


Gizmodo - "Smart projector turns lamps into wall art"


Techcrunch - "Beam is an app-controlled pico-projector to liven up your light sockets"


Self - "The future of your at-home workouts is pretty amazing" "screws into any light socket, connects to iOS and Android apps, so, yes you can watch netflix or skype with friends on a wall"


BGR - "Turns any light bulb socket into an entertainment center"


PCWorld - "There's plenty to like about this whole idea of a netwroked projector that can interface with a wide gamut of devices, while also doubling as a stylish light bulb"


Engadget - "Lets face it: most projectors aren't very useful outside of home theaters or boardrooms, even if they're packing some smarts. Beam may get you to change your mind"


Smart Rope


SportTechie - "It is time to forget those cheap, beaded jump ropes you were forced to use in gym class. The future of jump roping is upon us with Smart Rope"


DesignMilk - "Smart Rope keeps count for you with magical LED display"


USAToday - "New technology makes a jump rope 'smart'"


Gizmodo - "As any boxer will tell you, jumping rope is one of the most efficient cardio workouts, one that hasn't changed much since it was invented. Until now"


Techcrunch - "Smart Rope uses 23 LED lights that actually display your jump count in mid-air whole you're in motion"


Engadget - "This jump rope has brains and a built-in HUD"




Techcrunch - "Ironically, the DSCVR viewer for Google Cardboard apps is made out of plastic, and therein lies one of it's strengths"


VentureBeat - "A pretty clever piece of simple-yet-functional design"


TheEscapist - "If you think that the virtual reality experience is out of reach for you, we're about to prove you wrong"


Thanks for your kind words. 




Silo Mesh Card

Our press kit with high res images and logos is available here. 



Our press kit with high res images and logos is available here. 

Promotional Guidelines for Chipolo available here. 


Smart Rope 

Our press kit with high res images and logos is available here.


Beam Smart Projector

Our press kit with high res images and logos is available here.


DSCVR Virtual Reality Headset

Our press kit with high res images and logos is available here.



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