What are the specifications of the Silo Mesh Card?



What colours are the Silo Mesh Cards available in?

The Silo Mesh Card is available in black (with black silicone band).


What is the contents of a Silo Mesh Card?

1 x Black scratch resistant (TiCN coated) Titanium Mesh Card

1 x Black Polycarbonate Bumper Card

1 x Black Premium Silicone Band 


What is contactless credit card theft and how does the Silo Mesh Card protect my credit card?

Contactless credit card theft involves would-be thieves using RF antennas to retrieve your credit card details (without your knowledge, whilst your wallet is in your pocket). This affects credit cards with contactless payment capabilities and is becoming more prevalent as access to these scanners becomes easier. The Silo Mesh Card helps shield RFID transmissions by acting as a Faraday cage, keeping your details safe from hackers using common RFID gear. For best results, the credit card to be protected should be placed up against the Mesh Card. To disable the RFID-shielding capabilities, the credit card must be spaced out from the Titanium Mesh Card (using the optional bumper card will achieve this).

Please note that Silo has tested the RFID shielding capabilities using testing instruments realistic to the intended usage scenario and does not claim to provide 100% RFID blocking for all RF antennas (including expensive, high powered antennas)


With all the open squares cut away from the Mesh Card, does this affect the RFID-shielding capabilities?

The titanium volume of the Silo Mesh Card far exceeds that of the RF conductive material within your credit card, creating a Faraday cage and helping to block RF transmission. The open squares do not significantly detract from the RFID shielding capabilities. Silo has tested the Mesh Card using common RFID gear, with all transmissions blocked when the credit card is placed on the Mesh Card (using a variety of transmission angles).


The Mesh Card looks very thin and light; will it bend and permanently deform (especially when used as a bottle opener)?

The Mesh Card is very strong and will not permanently deform with normal use. Titanium has good memory properties, and when the Mesh Card is flexed, it will immediately return to the original position.


Will the black TiCN coating chip away?

The TiCN coating has been selected for its appearance and durability. Unlike powder coating or anodizing, the TiCN coating is tough and will not easily chip away. As an important part of product testing, the team at Silo has taken it upon themselves to open a significant number of beers to confirm the scratch resistance and durability of the TiCN coating.


Will the Mesh Card scratch my Smartphone?

All raw, sharp edges have been removed from the Mesh Card prior to coating. As such, scratching to your Smartphone should not occur through normal use (as a static stand). However, being a metal part, Silo does not recommend that you keep your Smartphone and Mesh Card together in dynamic environments (the same way you would not go running with your keys and Smartphone screen in a pocket up against each other). The team at Silo has been using the Mesh Card as a stand for the iPhone 4 without any noticeable scratching or marking.


Will my Smartphone work with the Mesh Card? 

We've tested the Mesh card with many Smartphones - the results included below.

Your Smartphone not on the list above? Let us know.


How do I install / remove the silicone band?

It is easy to install and remove the silicone band from the Mesh Card. To remove the band, simply pull the underside of the band through the gap in the middle of the Mesh Card and then slide the Silicone band free from the Mesh Card. To re-install, firstly place the Silicone band over the Mesh card, then push the underside of the band through the gap in the middle of the Mesh Card so that the Silicone band is secured.


How do I clean my Silo Mesh Card?

Whilst both the Mesh Card and the Silicone band will naturally repel dirt and liquid, if necessary the product can be wiped with a microfiber cloth to clean.