March 23, 2016

3 great new partnerships!

We're excited to announce that we'll be working with the following brands in the Australian market. 

We like working with people who've created premium design, technology or lifestyle products that are the best in their field, just like Chipolo, and these brands are no different.


1. Beam Labs Inc

We're now the Australian Distributors for our friends Beam. We originally backed Beam's campaign on Kickstarter, since receiving Beam in our office we haven't stopped using it! It's great to be working with Beam to bring a smart projector to the homes and offices of more Australians. 

Beam turns any light socket into an entertainment centre.

Check out to see Beam in detail. Beam is also available from our store here and in selected Australian retailers.


2. Tangram - Smart Rope

Silo are now the Australian Distributors for our friends at Tangram. 

The Smart Rope is a skipping rope with brains and a HUD (head-up display). The first of many fitness products created by the award winning Tangram. 

One charge lasts 36 hours of exercise (2000 skips takes around 15 minutes, at our rate one charge should see us through to 288,000 skips, 144 workouts, or 20 weeks!).

Smart Rope syncs effortlessly to Smart Gym a free iOS and Android app so you can choose a workout, monitor your history, see how you rate on the leaderboard and heaps more! 

Jump onto to see more of their innovative products. You can also buy Smart Rope from our store here and in selected Australian retailers.



We're now the Australian Distributors for our friends at I Am Cardboard. 

A durable, affordable and well designed Virtual Reality headset didn't exist until IAMCARDBOARD created one. 

Virtual reality is a new and exciting field and we're happy to be working with IAMCARDBOARD to bring a durable, affordable and well designed VR headsets to Australia.

Checkout the DSCVR Virtual Reality headset here or find it in selected Australian retail stores.


Some exciting products are due for release later in the year, so stay tuned! Or, subscribe to our newsletter in the page footer below and we'll keep you updated :)

April 17, 2015

6 things happening at Silo!

A quick update of what’s been going on at Silo. 


1. Markets

We’re looking forward to the Finders Keepers Sydney coming up real soon (8th, 9th and 10th May)! 

Also can’t wait to get down to Melbourne for the Big Design Markets again this year too.    


2. Chipolo

We're now the Australian Distributors for our friends Chipolo. We’re really happy to be working with them and retailers throughout Australia to solve that frustrating problem of losing things. 

Jump onto to see more of their impressive work. You can also buy Chipolo here.


3. Silo Unlocked

What is it? How do I get some serious discounts and silo giveaways? Get access here.


4. New Australian Online Retailers

We’re now working with a few more retailers. They’re doing some great work.  

Pitchi - A platform which hosts start up entrepreneurs and their products for the world to discover. 

HardtoFind - The perfect gift is hardtofind. HardtoFind specialise in sourcing unique and handmade gifts, homewares, prints, jewellery and fashion from the best boutique brands and small creative businesses. 

A full list of our retailers is available here


5. Off to Israel, Singapore or Japan?

The Mesh Card is available at these fine retailers TopTik, HipVan, and MONOCO.


6. New Products

We're tinkering with a few things now! Sign up to our newsletter to find out about these first, or better yet unlock some rewards here and we'll keep you posted.





December 02, 2014

Happy Holidays!

2014 has been a big year at Silo!

We'd like to thank all our customers and partners for all their support during the year. 

We hope you all have time for a break, are able to catch up with family and friends, and of course can enjoy opening a few cold beers with the Mesh Card over the holidays.


Included is a few of our highlights during 2014 and a little more on what you might be able to expect from Silo in 2015...


Kickstarter Fulfilment

It was almost a year ago now we launched the Mesh Card on Kickstarter. We officially fulfilled all Kickstarter rewards to over 36 countries in May of 2014. We’ve been really lucky to have an incredible bunch of supporters that allowed us to bring the Mesh Card to life. Thanks again to all the backers of the Mesh Card!


Design Award Winners

Silo took out a few awards this year at the Sydney Design Awards and the Melbourne Design Awards!

  • Winner “Product Design” Sydney Design Awards
  • Winner “Best Startup” Sydney Design Awards
  • Silver Winner “Product Design” Melbourne Design Awards

It was incredible to be nominated and then actually win some of these awards! There were some great designers and products nominated so it was pretty special for us to be recognised at these Awards. We’d like to thank Mark and the team at Design100 for supporting Australian (and international) design.  


New Products

We’ll have some new products available from real soon. Our friends from Chipolo and Belle-V (who are also previous Kickstarter projects) will be available for a limited time at

You'll never loose your keys again with Chipolo, a Bluetooth 4 Item Locator, and the Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop, a heirloom worthy Ice Cream Scoop. Both products are super nice and things we purchased ourselves and enjoyed using so we hope you do too.  

We’ve also been working on some more Silo products. We’re hoping to release these in 2015! 


Recent Interview with Rushfaster

Rushfaster recently asked us some questions about Silo and the Mesh Card. We discuss our product to market timeframes, prototyping and the process of elimination to find the best materials to use for the Mesh Card, what companies we follow, and what’s next for Silo. If you’ve got a spare 5 mins check it out here.



We’ve been hitting the road to get to a few markets down in Melbourne recently. Thanks to everyone that came and said hi at the Melbourne Design Markets.

We’re off to The Big Design Markets this weekend (5-7th of December) so if you’re in Melbourne stop by the Melbourne Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens.  


Hope you all have a great holiday!





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August 21, 2014

Sydney Design Award Winners!

Sydney Design Awards - Awards Presentation - 2-4pm Wednesday, 20th August 2014 - Central Level 3, 28

Broadway Chippendale NSW 2008


Silo, a small collective of designers based in Sydney, are proud winners of two awards for the Mesh Card at

the Sydney Design Awards for ‘Best Startup’ and ‘Product Design (Personal Use)’.


Mike from Silo said  “We’re really excited to receive two awards today at the Sydney Design Awards.

Design100 are doing great work supporting and encouraging Australian Design so I’d like to thank them for

their support and recognition. We’re really lucky to have such an incredible design community here in

Australia. It was great to see all the finalists here today - there were some excellent entries. We’re looking

forward to next year!”.



August 08, 2014

Workshopped14 + 2014 Sydney Design Awards!


We’re proud to be partnering with Workshopped for Workshopped14 at the Supa Centa 14th – 24th August 2014.

“Workshopped identifies great Australian design and brings it to local and international attention. The Workshopped exhibitions are the first step in the process. Workshopped exhibitions assist in sustaining a creative community. Before the first Workshopped exhibition in 2001, designers had few avenues in getting their designs in front of the general public. Creating and maintaining successful commercial relationships with industry and the marketplace is also extremely difficult. Many designers who have exhibited at Workshopped exhibitions have their works in commercial production and exposed to potential buyers. The Workshopped Shop presents products designed by Australian designers and available to both wholesale and retail customers.”

If you like great Australian design come on down and checkout Workshopped14 or stop by the Workshopped store.

Sydney Design Awards

The Mesh Card was shortlisted for the Sydney Design Awards! We’re in the Product Design – Personal Use category - if you’d like to rate our entry please check it out here!

May 15, 2014

KS Rewards Shipped!

Happy to report that our Kickstarter rewards have shipped! If you haven’t received a shipping confirmation email with tracking (sent 9th – 12th of May) please get in touch with us and we’ll get your Mesh Card out to you asap.


The Mesh Card was shipped to over 36 different countries, way more countries than we’ve been… would’ve been awesome to personally deliver all the KS rewards!


Backers’ thanks again for all your support, we wouldn’t be shipping the Mesh Card without it!


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March 19, 2014

Quick Production Update

The production of the Mesh Card is well underway. We’ve had a few hurdles to jump over during production but all is running smoothly and we couldn’t be happier!

We’re all on track to fulfil our Kickstarter rewards for all backers in April! (assuming there are no issues between now and then (we aren’t expecting there to be))

Shortly after we have fulfilled our Kickstarter rewards we’ll send an update to our preregistered friends for the first opportunity to purchase the Mesh Card from 

Looking forward to the final stages of production, quality control, assembly and fulfilment!    

December 06, 2013


Great news!


We just made our goal on kickstarter!


We'd like to thank all our backers for helping us get there. Without you this would't be possible. 


The Mesh Card will soon live in your pocket, on your table, and at your next party - where it belongs!!

December 05, 2013

Recent Mesh Card Press

We found the Mesh Card featured on some of our favourite sites this morning! 


Thank you Uncrate, Cool Material, and Desire This.

November 27, 2013

Launch Time!

We're pretty happy to launch the Mesh Card on kickstarter!


The Mesh Card is a minimal wallet and RFID shield with some handy extras. 


A big thank you to our early backers helping us move towards our goal to make this a reality.